Monday, 4 July 2022

New Zealand Karaoke Classics from VIC Karaoke Prod.


VIC Karaoke Productions New Zealand presents the following new Karaoke Songs fresh from their New Zealand Studios for custom disc or download.

Awa, House Of Shem - Back In My Life
Dave Dobbyn - Defying Gravity
Dennis Marsh - Christmas In New Zealand
Dennis Marsh - E IPO
Dennis Marsh - Green Green Grass Of Home
Dennis Marsh - Help Me Make It Through The Night
Edie Brickell - Good Times
Fia - Love Me
Herbs - Dragons And Demons
Jessica Mauboy - Stand By Your Man
King George - Friday Night
LAB - All Night
LAB - Backseat
LAB - I Know
LAB - Mr Reggae
LAB - Oh Honey
LAB - Under The Sun
Pukana, Whanau - Maimoatia
Sounds Of Darkness - Hold On (Change Is Coming)
Three Plus - Cool Operator
TJ, Huri - Aue Te Aroha

Using the artists original recording for the backing tracks.

Hikaiti Witika, Original Artist Backing Track - I Believe In You
Mistee K, Original Artist Backing Track - Reciprocate
NLC, Original Artist Backing Track - E Noho Ra
David Grace, Original Artist Backing Track - A Lot Of Aroha
David Grace, Original Artist Backing Track - Occupation
NLC, Original Artist Backing Track - Hold On  
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