Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Make A Karaoke Custom Disc 50% Off - Special Offer

At www.picknmix.com.au we have reduced the cost of making your very own Custom Karaoke Disc CD+G or DVD by 50% to help everyone through these difficult times.

Did you know that singing is very good for your well being as it releases stress and anxiety, and I think we can all use that at the moment.

Choose from over 93,000 Songs to keep you and your family entertained safely at home.

We have all the worlds best brands; SBI Karaoke, VIC Karaoke Productions, Zoom Entertainments, Aaron Aardvark Karaoke, Big Hits Karaoke and Abraxa Karaoke.

Only $2 per song until 30.6.2020.