Monday, 16 December 2019

NZ's Artists Abbie and Ray Bishop Come to Karaoke

VIC Karaoke Productions (New Zealand) is pleased welcome on board Abbie and allowing us to showcase her music on Karaoke.

Abbie signed with Waatea Music (NZ) and VIC Karaoke Productions will be showcasing a few artists with Waatea Music like Ray Bishop who is next on the list. 

I'd like to welcome Ray as well. We'll showcasing his music shortly.

I count it an honor and privilege to showcase Abbie with more of her songs coming out this week.

Abbie won the 2nd Opportunity Knocks Amateur vs Professional Karaoke Competition and since she has released two albums.

She has become New Zealand's very own Soul-stress. A beautiful lady, beautiful heart and she is going to go places.

She plays across the country in bars, big events community events corporate etc.

Abbie is one of my guest judges in The Final Four Competition on the 21st December 2019 (in NZ) so if you want to hear her in person if you haven't already you won't be disappointed.

Come to the Grand final. This is the Third time Abbie has judged.
I"m so glad you've allowed me to showcase your music through Karaoke.

Thanks Everyone, Please Enjoy.

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Abbie - Drinking Again
Abbie - Everything To Me
Abbie - He Said He Loved Me
Abbie - Falter
Abbie - Kiss Me All Over
Abbie - Million
Abbie - Over You
Abbie - Ships
Omidia - Unchained Melody
Ray Bishop - Te Reo Tuatahi
Ray Bishop - Tihei Mauri Ora
Ray Bishop - Wairua
Ray Solomon - Hei Konei Ra
Ray Solomon - Sweet Darling
Rochelle Khan - Never Gonna Say Goodbye

Also now available are...

Matt Monro - Over The Rainbow
Sammielz - Let Us Be
Simple Minds - Glittering Prize
Simple Minds - Someone Somewhere In Summertime 
Nash Chase - Midnight Magic Man 
Olly Murs, Demi Lovato - Up
Rochelle Khan - Love Tides Us

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